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What I’ve Learned About Depression: A Lawyer’s Journey

by Dan
wbp biopic

About a year ago Dan invited me to submit a guest article for his website. I felt honored and immediately accepted. The invitation coincided with the twentieth anniversary of my depression diagnosis, and I’d been reflecting on my experience with depression over the past two decades. It seemed like the ideal opportunity for me to offer others the benefit of my hard-earned wisdom and experience. But that didn’t happen, at … read more →

From Breaststroke to Black Float: Dealing with Depression

by Dan

One description of depression is that it is like the shapeless sagging of a rubber band that has been kept tight and taunt for too long. When feelings have been strong, stressed, unprocessed, or held captive over a period of time, we just stop feeling altogether. Persons and events no longer have the power to enliven us; we operate on a low level cruise control. Usually we keep functioning, but … read more →

Undoing Depression in Lawyers

by Dan
new oconnor

There’s some interesting research to suggest that happy people view the world through certain comforting illusions, while depressed people see things more realistically. [i] For instance, the illusion of control. You can take a random sample of people and sit them in front of a video monitor with a joy stick, and tell them their joy stick is controlling the action of the game on the screen. (But the point of … read more →

Depression is a Thief: It Steals the Stuff You Love

by Dan

Depression is a thief. It sneaks into your heart and steals from you your passion: not only your power to conjure enthusiasm but also those exact things that once, that maybe all your life, excited you. In other words, those things you loved not in the sparkly-pink-hearts sense of kissing or strolling along the beach with them or wearing white lace gowns to marry them — although in some cases, those too: … read more →

Depression’s Vicious Circle

by Dan
Richard O'Connor

Here’s a brief discussion of how depression leads to hurting yourself, sometimes in ways you’re not even aware of. Depression is best understood as a vicious circle, the result of current stress acting on a vulnerable individual to push him or her into this cycle that feeds itself: depressed moods lead to depressed thinking and behavior, which leads to a more depressed mood, and so on in a downward spiral. … read more →

One Woman Lawyer’s Journey Through Depression

by Dan
Depressed woman 1.2

Acknowledging my depression for the first time during my third year of law school was as terrifying a realization as it was liberating.  Between finishing up final classes, getting ready for the bar exam, and preparing for the first semester of my LL.M degree program, I fought every day to simply get out of my own way, and I fought even harder to hide it.  I would wake up in … read more →

Can Creativity Help Depression? An Interview with Carrie Barron, M.D.

by Dan

Dan: Why did you write The Creativity Cure? Carrie: I felt that the solutions out there for people with anxiety and depression were partial solutions, incomplete remedies. The way we live now causes stress for many people – the pace, the lack of rest or leisure, the relentless striving. Our technological, cerebrally focused culture has taken us out of our bodies and ourselves. Addiction to devices causes an imbalance and … read more →

One Trial Lawyer’s Journey From Severe Depression to Greater Fulfillment

by Dan

I do not consider myself a lawyer. I am a human being who took on the role and career of a lawyer for 25 years. Unlike some people who entered law school with a burning passion to practice law, I ended up there because I was confused about my career direction and had no career counseling. Stop here. If you don’t feel excitement and joy when thinking about a career … read more →

From One Lawyer to Another: Simple Steps Lawyers Can Take to Deal with Depression

by Dan
small mitch

Since you are reading a website about lawyers and depression, you are probably wondering whether you are suffering from depression, or what to do about it. You’re in good company. It is estimated that 1 in 10 members of the public suffer from depression; among lawyers the rate is 3.6 times higher. That would make it likely that about 1 in 3 lawyers are suffering from depression. I am one … read more →

Law Students, Depression & Suicide

by Dan
david-nee-photo-friends - Version 2

In January 2014, CNN reported that lawyers are among the top five occupations associated with suicide. In the summer of 2014, just before the start of the law school academic year, a law professor from the University of Vermont died by suicide. Since then, in a period of eight months, the United States law school community has seen seven law student deaths from suicide. Approximately one suicide per month, and … read more →

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