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Depression and Anxiety in Later Life

by Dan

I’m Dan Lukasik from Today’s guest is Dr. Charles F. Reynolds, III, co-author of the book, “Depression and Anxiety in Later Life: What Everyone Needs to Know.” He is a professor in Geriatric Psychiatry at the University at Pittsburgh Medical Center and Director of its Aging Institute and Center of Excellence in the Prevention and Treatment of Late Life Mood Disorders.  Dr. Reynolds is internationally renowned in the field … read more →

Happy: An App That Replenishes Your Most Important Resources

by Dan

On January 27, 2010, I became an uncle. The day was surreal — not for me, but for my brother, who welcomed his first child into the world at 2:34 p.m. Immediately after the baby was delivered she began experiencing respiratory distress, and at 2:35 p.m. the doctors and nurses whisked the newborn to the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU).  At 2:37 p.m. — while standing in the NICU praying that his baby would … read more →

An Interview with Will Meyerhofter About Depression in the Law

by Dan

Will Meyerhofer, JD LCSW, is an author and a psychotherapist in private practice in NYC.  He holds degrees from Harvard, NYU School of Law and The Hunter College School of Social Work.  Following law school, he worked as an associate at the BigLaw firm of Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City before becoming a therapist. He is also the creator of the website and blog The Peoples’ Therapist.  I spoke with Will about … read more →

The Connection between Depression and Trauma and Neglect

by Dan

Why do people become depressed? A popular theory is that it is the brain chemistry that is in disarray. But this way of thinking often obscures the issue. Depression rarely comes out of nowhere. It almost always has an explanation, even if it is not apparent to us. Also, read “What is Your Depression Telling You?” A better explanation for why many people become depressed is, in my opinion, that … read more →

Chronic or Recurrent Depression: Why Does Depression Go Away and Then Return?

by Dan
pic 1

Some people who experience a single depressive episode will fully recover, never to experience another. (Sign us up for that, right?) For about 40-60% of us, however, depression is a chronic illness that will come back. By the time most people get treatment, they have experienced multiple depressive episodes already. Good news: with treatment, recurrences can be less severe, occur less frequently and not last as long. So why does … read more →

Working Through Stress and Depression

by Dan
veny new

Depression is tough. Stress is also tough. Being depressed and stressed at the same time is even tougher. As a person who struggles with depression and has to manage stress on a daily basis, I have some good news for you: Managing stress while being depressed is possible if you have a plan. Depression has been a part of my life from as early as I can remember. Like a … read more →

What I’ve Learned About Depression: A Lawyer’s Journey

by Dan
wbp biopic

About a year ago Dan invited me to submit a guest article for his website. I felt honored and immediately accepted. The invitation coincided with the twentieth anniversary of my depression diagnosis, and I’d been reflecting on my experience with depression over the past two decades. It seemed like the ideal opportunity for me to offer others the benefit of my hard-earned wisdom and experience. But that didn’t happen, at … read more →

From Breaststroke to Black Float: Dealing with Depression

by Dan

One description of depression is that it is like the shapeless sagging of a rubber band that has been kept tight and taunt for too long. When feelings have been strong, stressed, unprocessed, or held captive over a period of time, we just stop feeling altogether. Persons and events no longer have the power to enliven us; we operate on a low level cruise control. Usually we keep functioning, but … read more →

Undoing Depression in Lawyers

by Dan
new oconnor

There’s some interesting research to suggest that happy people view the world through certain comforting illusions, while depressed people see things more realistically. [i] For instance, the illusion of control. You can take a random sample of people and sit them in front of a video monitor with a joy stick, and tell them their joy stick is controlling the action of the game on the screen. (But the point of … read more →

Depression is a Thief: It Steals the Stuff You Love

by Dan

Depression is a thief. It sneaks into your heart and steals from you your passion: not only your power to conjure enthusiasm but also those exact things that once, that maybe all your life, excited you. In other words, those things you loved not in the sparkly-pink-hearts sense of kissing or strolling along the beach with them or wearing white lace gowns to marry them — although in some cases, those too: … read more →

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