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What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?
Coaching shares similarities with counseling, psychotherapy, mediation, consulting, athletic coaching, motivational work and a variety of other disciplines, although some licensed counselors provide coaching services, coaching differs from psychotherapy in several respects.

  • Coaching is centered on the present and action-oriented, while psychotherapy focuses on the past, present and future, without being action-oriented.
  • Coaching is results-oriented whereas psychotherapy is process-oriented (meaning that the process itself is a primary tool in life improvements)
  • The therapist-patient relationship is hierarchical while the coach-client relationship is a partnership
  • Psychotherapy can only be practiced by someone licensed in the state where the client and therapist meet; coaches are less regulated and can work across state lines
  • Both focus on behavior modification, insight, process of inquiry, personal discovery, awareness, recognizing irrational beliefs and systems
  • In psychotherapy, the primary work together is done in sessions; in coaching, work is done in a variety of settings — including homes, work, school and other locations. Coaching clients have more out of session availability.
  • Coaching uses elements of athletic coaching, consulting, counseling and other disciplines whereas psychotherapy is strictly limited to the disciplines of counseling and social work
  • Coaches generally do not take insurance (although some plans, Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts); Masters-level psychotherapists tend to take insurance, while PhD-level psychologists tend to require that you file your own insurance paperwork.
How long do people remain as coaching clients?

That depends entirely on the desires of the client and the goals the client chooses. Generally, it is recommended to commit to at least two or three months of coaching, although I do not require any particular time period. I want what works for you. Some clients have a specific goal to accomplish in coaching, and end the coaching when that goal is reached. Most clients, however, find coaching so beneficial that they keep choosing additional goals and exploring new avenues with me as their coach.

Clients, if they live in the Western New York area, typically meet with me once per week in person.  Otherwise, they communicate by phone.  These coaching sessions typically take about one hour.  Between meetings, clients can communicate with me by email and phone as required.

Nothing conveys the value of coaching better than experiencing it yourself. Give yourself the chance to experience coaching by signing up today for a free phone consultation with me.  I offer these sessions at no cost in order to give the visitors to my website the opportunity to learn more about how coaching works and the benefits it offers.  Getting started is simple: email me at or call me at 716-847-1010.

What happens if we finish before we use all the Coaching Sessions?
If you get results sooner than you expect or wish to discontinue the coaching relationship for any reason, you can:

  • Bank the sessions in case you need a bit of help in the future.  Many people choose to do this, but it is entirely your choice.
  • You receive a refund on a pro rata basis.
  • You can donate the sessions to someone that can’t afford coaching.

Can you coach people treating with a therapist and/or a psychiatrist for depression?
Yes.  I myself experienced the benefits of working with a life coach while treating with a psychologist and a psychiatrist for depression.  I found that my coach complemented the work I was doing with my other two health care team members. Also, depression is not something that you should have to go through alone.  The more people you have on your support team, the better.  A coach can be a great member of that team that’s dedicated to helping you feel better and get well.

What are your payment terms?
Full payment for Life Coaching is due prior to the commencement of coaching.  Under exceptional circumstances, I will do what I can to accommodate anybody that has difficulty with this.  Preferred method of payment is by check or PayPal. If you book a block of sessions and you are not completely satisfied and do not want to continue after the first session, I will offer a 100% refund including that session.

What if I don’t like life coaching after the first session?
No problems, I’ll give you a full refund including the cost of the first session with no hard feelings and no questions asked.

My Rates
I charge the same hourly rate that I would if you were my legal client – – contact me to discuss this further.

Is our meeting and conversations confidential?
Absolutely.  The only way that we can build a trusting relationship that necessary for a positive life coaching experience, is for it to be confidential.

Do you only coach lawyers?

No.  All of the coaching principles I use to help my clients lead happier and more productive lives would be beneficial to all professionals such as doctors, business leaders and others who have worked hard in their lives to be successful.

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