Spending on mental health hit $221 billion in 2014, making it the single most expensive medical condition in the U.S. Each year 217 million workdays are lost due to depression and, according $193 billion in workplace earnings are lost due to serious mental illness. The time has come to think and act differently when it comes to addressing mental health in the workplace.

Mindset is a collection of innovative, research based-based programs that help organizations create mentally healthy workplaces for employees. The on-site offerings range from 1-hour presentations to 12-week intensive courses. Mindset will also customize programs to fit specific needs.

Mindset helps organizations:

  • Open up the conversation and reduce stigma around mental health issues
  • Help employees achieve work-life balance
  • Develop strategies for creating a mentally healthy workplace culture
  • Provide managers tools and training to recognize and address workplace mental wellness
  • Train managers and leadership to lower barriers for employees to get help
  • Reduce paid time off and increase employee engagement productivity

Make the Right Investment

Organizations are already paying the high cost of untreated mental illness. It is time to start thinking more strategically by investing in education, awareness, wellness, prevention, early detection and early intervention. We do this with physical wellness. Mindset was created to do this for mental wellness. Health employees are focused, motivated, productive and present. Proven education programs, like Mindset offers, are a great investment for your employees and your business.

Some of the organizations that have made the decision to invest in their mental health recently include:

Evergreen Health, Hospice, Orchard Park Veterinary Hospital, Summit Academy, West Seneca School District, Ken-Ton School District, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers, Praxair, and the Hemophilia Center of WNY.

About your Mindset Presenter

Dan Lukasik is the Director of the Workplace Well-Being for the Mental Health Association in Buffalo, New York.

Dan’s work on mental health has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The National Law Journal, The Washington Post, on CNN, and many other national and international publications.

He has lectured around the country on the topics of stress, anxiety, and depression before corporations, not-for-profits, mental health organizations, bar associations, and colleges including Harvard and Yale Universities, the American Psychiatric Association, and Mental Health America.

He was the recipient of Roger Stone Public Advocacy Award from the Mental Health Association of Erie County, the Spirit Award from Compeer, an organization dedicated to pairing mentors