Why I Created This Website

Depression is a tough thing to go through for anyone. But in some way, the experience of it, and its causes, may be a little different for lawyers.

When I went through a depression ten years ago when I turned 4o, it was simply an awful experience. When I came out of it, with the help of medication, therapy and the loving support of family and friends, I thought it would be to find a website to contribute an article about my experiences as a lawyer who went through it.

I flat-out couldn’t find one. But what I did find are studies that shocked me – the very high rates of depression in the  legal profession. These studies show that about twenty percent (20%) of lawyers – or about twice that of the general population – suffer from depression. That equates to 200,000 of the 1 million lawyers practicing in America today. The studies are equally disturbing, if not more so, for law students: forty percent (40%) of law students – or about 60,000 out of 150,000 students in school today – will struggle with depression at some point in their three year tenure at law school. While there are no studies that I could find relating to judges, if the twenty percent figure where applied to the 1774 Federal Judges sitting on benches across the U.S., at least 350 of them are afflicted.

There are many sites about depression for the general reader and they are useful and informative. Yet, they don’t particularly grasp a lawyer, law student or judge’s predicament struggling with too much stress, anxiety and depression.

This website seeks to fill that gap. It is a site specifically devoted to those in the legal profession struggling with mental health concerns and who search for a deeper meaning in life and the law.