Listening to Depression

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb blogs about her book “Listening to Depression” where she writes that depression isn’t just a disease, it’s a warning signal: it’s a way for our true selves to tell us that our life has gone off track, that we’re not living an authentic life and that we should listen to what our depression is trying to tell us rather than try to eradicate it.  Read the Blog.

Running on Empty

From the site Undoing Depression, Richard O’Connor, Ph.D. blogs that professionals frantically run from one success to another because they’re afraid some unnamed demon will catch up to them.  Read the Blog.

How Did I Get to Be An Unhappy Lawyer?

Another insightful post from Jennifer Alvery at her Leaving the Law blog where she pulls apart the causes of lawyer unhappiness.  One of them is that law schools do a poor job of preparing attorneys for the future.  Read The Blog

Depression and Denial

In a post from Inside the Law School Scam, the blogger writes how law schools are in denial about how big a problem depression is in law schools across America and how they contribute to it.  Read The Blog

Is It the Winter Blues or Something More?

From the Attorney At Work blog, this piece explores the difference between just being sick and tired by winter and true depression where your low mood stays with you no matter the temperature or amount of sunlight.  Read The Blog

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