My Summer Hiatus

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability—Sam Keen

Alas, summer is finally upon us; the sweet season when the warmth of the sun eases our winter aches of mind, body and soul.

Summer is also a time of hiatus; of leaving home for adventures both near and far.  The word hiatus comes from the Latin verb hiare which means “to gape or stand open.”  As such, to go on hiatus is to put a gap between our normal activities and some new project or adventure.

I will be taking a short hiatus from blogging this summer to write a book about depression in the legal world.  I have wanted to write it for some time, but never found the time.  The time is now.

I will have a law student helping with the research and hope to have a solid draft done by September at which time I will return on a regular basis to blog.  I welcome you to submit your insights, thoughts and suggestions about the book project.

In the meanwhile, this site will continue to post all of its regular features on a consistent basis including interviews with guest authors and experts on depression, newsworthy articles about depression in the general population and those in the law, favorite blogs from other sites and other neat stuff.  You also search for and read over 100 blogs that I’ve done for the site over that past three years.

Be on the lookout for the guest articles to not only appear in text, but also to be podcasted.

As always, please keep submitting your comments about the site.





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