When I Was Diagnosed With Depression

Here’s an excerpt from blogger Amy McDowell Marlow who writes: “i began to cry. all the time. by myself. i would cry in my car, i would cry in my closet, i would even cry, silently, in the toilet stall. every night i would lay face down in my bed and cry myself to sleep, so quietly that my roommate never knew. i lost my appetite and stopped eating meals. i just wasn’t hungry. i couldn’t stop thinking about my mom being gone. that something outside of our control could take her away. that there was nothing i could do about it. and just like when my dad killed himself, i didn’t feel like i could relate to my friends. none of them had experienced (or shared that they had experienced) family losses and challenges like mine. i began to feel very alone.” Read this blog.

Dear Depression

When of the best new depression bloggers I’ve come across in quite some time, Amy McDowell Marlow writes,  “dear depression, here you are again. uninvited. unwelcome. and, it seems, unavoidable. i knew you were coming back to see me. i felt it in my eyes, as I watched the brightness twinkle away. i felt it in my shoulders, as i started to droop and slouch. i felt it in my steps, as my feet became weighted. depression, i knew.” Read the Blog

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