When Someone Mocks Your Mental Illness

Great blog from Jeanne Crouteau covering topics from stigma to coping strategies.  Really loved the last piece of advice; to paraphrase: “stay true to you-No matter what anybody says, you know the truth about your journey…(and) Whatever you do, just don’t give up!” Read more here.

What Resilient Lawyers Do Differently

Paula Davis-Laack, a contributor who writes about stress-resilience, burnout and well being at work discusses how the ability for lawyers to adapt to a changing workplace environment is essential for resilience.  Part of the challenge of doing so involves greater flexibility in how lawyers approach problems, receiving criticism constructively and developing positive working relationships with your colleagues.  Read the article here.

The Strategies That Science Actually Shows Are Effective for Depression

From Forbes, Alice C. Walton writes, “And as most people who have dealt with depression know, good treatments are hard to come by—but they do exist. Part of the issue is that a given treatment may work for one person and not the other, and it may take several tries before the right therapy, or a combination of therapies, is arrived upon. Here are some of the methods that have been shown to work, and are worth considering. As always, finding a therapist you trust and connect with is often the first step to figuring out which route to take.” Read the rest of her article here.

3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Do When Dealing With Depression

Chris Myers writes in Forbes magazine: “Since I first began writing about the struggles with anxiety, depression, and uncertainty two years ago, I’ve heard from hundreds of entrepreneurs who are in desperate need of help. I’ve been humbled by the response, and do my best to connect with each person in a timely manner. Invariably, the number of people who reach out spikes this time of year, no doubt due to the pressure of the Holidays and reflection that takes place at year-end.  With that in mind, I thought it might be an appropriate time to share an excerpt from my latest book, ‘Enlightened Entrepreneurship,’ in the hope that it provides solace to fellow entrepreneurs who might be suffering”. Read the rest of the story.


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