Dan’s Top Video Picks on Depression

Films can teach us a lot about depression.  Not only can they provide information.  They can also move us emotionally by drawing us into the subject with interviews, animations, and other techniques that aren’t amenable to books.  Here are my favorite videos that address the topic of depression.

Living with Depression

I came across this short video recently.  And was very moved.  It captures, with sublime music and moving images of a young woman, her struggles with clinical depression and the loneliness she endures. Powerful. Over four million people have viewed it. Running time is 3 minutes and 22 seconds

Depression: Tragically Misunderstood

From psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Steven Iliardi, a piece that distinguishes sadness from depression and why such a distinction is important not only for others who care about depressives and want to help, but for the depressive’s own understanding about such a confusing illness. Read the Blog

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