Have Dan Speak at Your Event

Dan has given keynote speeches and presentations to audiences around the country on the topics of depression, anxiety, and stress.  He tells a powerful story of his own struggles with depression, learning to manage it, dealing with the stigma surrounding mental illness, and helping others to overcome it.

Recent Praise –

“Dan’s presentation was certainly a highlight of the session. At Harvard Law School, we work to tailor our health and wellness programs so that the content is relatable to students. The fact that Mr. Lukasik is a practicing attorney who can speak personally and with authority about the unique struggles of the mental health in the legal profession was well received. The feedback was remarkable, so much so that we would like to invite Dan back to present during a session at HLS for the ABA’s Mental Health Day in March.” Lakshmi Clark, Director of Student Affairs, Harvard Law School.  December 2016.

“It’s so important that law schools, bar associations, law firms, and other legal employers hear from speakers like Dan who have come out and can provide guidance to other students and lawyers who are considering coming out – as well as partners, human resource managers, and others who are responsible for leading the way to better understanding and support on this issue. Dan is a very charismatic speaker who not only has lived experience with mental illness but has also made it his mission to educate others about why and how to accommodate and support other lawyers with depression.” Lewis Bossing, Senior Staff Attorney, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, Washington, D.C.  December 2016.

“You presentation at the Louisiana State Bar CLE was compelling, effective, and served to significantly raise awareness and reduce stigma in such a way that truly encourages those who may be suffering to reach out and obtain effective help. As such, I wholeheartedly encourage all corners of our profession such as law schools, bar associations, disciplinary counsel, and judicial branches to host you as a presenter on the topic of depression in the legal profession.” Buddy Stockwell, Executive Director, Louisiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, Inc.  September 2016.

“This is the first time JLAP has brought an expert in to speak at such an event. You did not disappoint, to say the least. From my vantage point, I could see that your audience was rapt. You got everyone’s attention quickly. Then by bringing others in to help with the message through your beautiful documentary, “A Terrible Melancholy: Depression in the Legal Profession,” they heard from legal professional from students to judges. Then you brought it home with your very personal story. Well done!” Sarah Cearley, Ph.D., Executive Director, Arkansas Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program. September 2016. 

“Your presentation was sincere, credible and VERY well received. You connected with the audience in ways that few presenters have been able to do. This was particularly impressive given the sensitivity of the topic. Showing part of your documentary, “A Terrible Melancholy,” was icing on the cake.” Steven V. Modica, Esq., Past President, Monroe County Bar Association. September 2016.

Here’s a short list of some of the venues Dan has spoken at:

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