First Steps for Disillusioned Lawyers

You are not alone in your discontent with law practice.  Lawyers continue to ask whether other work, either in law or another field, would better suit their interests and improve their quality of life. Here are some tips from career coach Edward Honnnold about steps you can take now to make changes.  Read the Blog

How a Depression Coach Can Help Your Law Practice

I know a lot about lawyering and a lot about depression. Because of this, I have a unique perspective, talent and tools to help you solve problems that you must deal with because you’re depressed.

Your therapist and psychologist may know a lot about the causes and cures of clinical depression, but don’t know much about the rigors and stressors of practicing law because they’ve never done it; they’ve never been in the trenches. I have for the past 25 years and know just how tough a job being a lawyer is.

I can relate to your depression because I have lived with it for ten years, facilitated a support group for lawyers for the past six years, talked with hundreds of lawyers with depression from all over the country and mentored and coached many of them. I have been in your shoes as a lawyer coping with depression. I know how much it really hurts. I know how lonely it can be. I know how tired you. I know just how difficult it is to do your job when depressed.

That’s where I come in as a lawyer coach. Here are some of your needs I can meet:

  1. You need someone to listen with a sense of compassion, someone who truly cares about your situation. I am that person. I will care. I will be in your corner.
  2. You need someone to educate you about what depression is, its symptoms and causes.
  3. You need guidance as you weave through the matrix of treatment options to find a plan that works for you.
  4. You need a sense of structure at a time when life may seem pointless and meaningless. I can be an anchor for you, a safe port in a storm, a place to go and share your deepest struggles and concerns about home and work.

I will work with you whatever specific areas are most pressing to you. Here are some areas where depression may be causing real problems you:

  • You need help with getting things done at work. You can’t afford to get behind at work because of the depression symptoms you’re dealing with. I can help by providing insight, support and exercises to help you deal with this critical issue.
  • You want to leave the profession. You’ve been coping with work-related depression for some time and decided that “enough is enough” and want to make plans to transition to another career. I can help you develop your game plan and hold you accountable to following through with taking the necessary steps to make this a reality.
  • You want to stay in the profession. You’ve decided to remain a lawyer, but need to change those factors, both at and outside your job, that are causing or contributing to your depression. I can help you devise a game plan and make sure you follow through to make your life healthier in the law.
  • You’re A Depression Veteran. You might be further down the road in your recovery from depression, but still need help and encouragement. I will work with you to develop a “Wellness Toolkit”, things that you will do and which I will hold you accountable for getting done. Without such accountability, it’s simply too easy to do not to follow a healthy regimen. Here is where a coach can really help to motivate you and help you stick to it to a healthy game plan.
  • You Are Just Plain Unhappy. Many lawyers aren’t clinically depressed, but are very unhappy with their lives. Much of the support I provide and skills for depression sufferers are transferable to getting to the heart of what’s causing your unhappiness. I will work with you to build a different set of skills and make different life choices to lead a better and happier life,
  • You Need Help Explaining Your Depression to Others. For those loved ones and business associates that have never been through depression, it’s difficult for them to really understand your pain because they really don’t have a point of reference for psychic pain someone undergoes with clinical depression. They mistake it for “the blues” or everyday sadness, which it clearly is not. I can work you to develop a language and actions that could help others understand. If you wish, I would also be happy to talk with others as your advocate to educate them about what depression is and ways that might be able to help and support you.

Help is really just a phone call away at 716-674-1010 or via e-mail at

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