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Hope Counts: Rising Up from Depression

Depression corrodes our sense of hope. Elizabeth Wurtzel, in her her best-selling book Prozac Nation, wrote: “That’s the thing about depression: A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it’s impossible to ever see the end.”   We can’t imagine a future without depression. When we’re in the thick of its slimy grasp, … read more →

Liz Swados’ Journey Through Depression

If you’ve ever suffered from depression, you know what a dark muck it can be.  Helpless and hopeless, this deadened state leaves people at the bottom of a dank well with no ladder out. I’ve gone through major depression.  I count myself one of the 20 million in this country so afflicted.  I’ve gotten to know so many fellow sufferers over the years.  One I didn’t get the chance to … read more →

“Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz” – Oh, What a Relief it is? Our Relationship with Antidepressants

  Most folks with depression have a complicated relationship with their antidepressant medications. I certainly do. While these pills saved my life years ago when major depression struck, years later, I often wonder if I still need to take them, or, if they’re still effective. If I feel tired and flat on a particular afternoon, is it depression, the side effects of my meds or a jumble of both? Or … read more →

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Depression in the News

Depression Screening for All?

From National Public Radio‘s program, “On Point with Tom Ashbrook,” a great conversation with experts about a new national task force’s recommendation that says everyone should be screened for depression.  Listen to the Podcast

Chronic Stress Could Lead to Depression and Dementia, Scientist Warn

A major review of published research suggests that chronic stress and anxiety can damage areas of the brain involved in emotional responses, thinking and memory, leading to depression and even Alzheimer’s disease. Read the News

Major Depression Linked to Disruption of Brain’s Emotional Networks

Different regions of our brain need to work simultaneously in order for us to process emotion. But according to new research, such regions are disconnected among individuals who experience multiple episodes of major depression. Read the News

Is Seasonal Depression a Myth?

New research challenges traditional belief that a season, particularly fall or winter, can influence or cause depression.  Investigators performed a large-scale survey of U.S. adults and found no evidence that levels of depressive symptoms vary from season to season.  Read the News

LWD in the News

Creating Work-Life Balance as a Solo Attorney

As a solo attorney, you have a unique set of challenges that may not exist for an attorney who works as an employee of a law firm or for someone who works for any type of corporation or business. Because you are responsible for operating your own law firm, you are under a unique set of pressures that might well cause you to work more hours than you want (or should). Check out these great solutions to coping.  Read the Blog

Why I’m Speaking Up About Lawyers and Depression

This is an article I wrote for The Mighty website.  Read the Blog

Life Experience and Cognitive Science Deepen the Case for Mindfulness in Law

University of San Francisco Law Professor Rhonda Magee writes in the ABA Journal, “Few would disagree that if the purported benefits of mindfulness prove to be true, no profession is in greater need of them than ours. And indeed, the legal profession is responding. Law schools, lawyers and judges are reviewing the research detailing benefits: reduced stress, lower blood pressure, increased empathy, improved performance on exams and during arguments, more ethical decision-making, and more satisfying and effective client counseling conversations. And they are practicing mindfulness to assist in handling the stress of legal practice and to improve performance.”  Read her Blog

Stop Living in Misery: You Deserve Better

From Above the Law, lawyer blogger Jenna Cho writes, “When you decided to go to law school, was it your aspiration to hate your job, hate your life, and live in misery? Of course not. Which begs the question: why are so many lawyers unhappy?”  Read the Blog

The Best of the Blogosphere

How to Design a Self-Care Prescription for Depression

Depression blogger Therese Borchard’s great piece about developing our own “healing packages” of activities, resources and comforts.   Read her Blog

How To Tell If Your Stressed or Depressed

So how can you tell if you’re just stressed out or are suffering from depression? Essentially the answer lies in the severity and the duration of your symptoms.  Read the Blog

10 Reasons Why Some People Are So Vulnerable to Depression

People’s thoughts and attitudes explain why some develop depression following stressful life events. Check out this list that provides an overview of various vulnerability factors that put a person at risk for developing depression. Read the Blog

The Regret Tape and The I’m Not Good Enough Mix – New Metaphors for Managing Anxiety and Depression

Blogger Clare Rose Foster writes about how metaphors help her identify and pin down her experiences by regaining  perspective and use the language of shared experience to transfer and talk about some pretty intangible feelings.  Read the Blog