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Travels With George: Depression Takes a Backseat

A year ago, I started to volunteer at a Church on the East Side of Buffalo, the poorest and most segregated section of town rife with a high crime rate, violence, drug trafficking, and prostitution. And right in the middle of it all is St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy. St. Luke’s was an abandoned Catholic Church twenty-five years ago that had become empty and useless after the Polish immigrants who … read more →

Dan’s Tips for Weaving Together A Recovery Plan to Heal Your Depression

What will make the pain of depression stop? Sometimes the ache is dull, other times sharp. It can last a few hours, days, or weeks. This is ground zero for depression sufferers. What can I do to feel better? The answer is often elusive.  Many don’t know where to get help, let alone walk the path of healing. Recovery starts and sputters for others: they feel better on a med, … read more →

Too Much Stress Can Lead to Depression

  I listened to a National Public Radio segment about the connection between playing NFL football and brain trauma. One retired running back said that each time he was hit when carrying the ball it was “like being in a high-impact car accident”. What a tremendous cost to pay, I thought. For many of us, daily life is so demanding and stressful that it’s like being in a series of … read more →

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Depression in the News

Breaking Mental Health Stigma With Workplace Programs

Daniel Lukasik, a longtime proponent of mental well being within the legal and greater Buffalo communities, national voice as part of the work being done to combat stigma in the United States, and creator of this website,, has been named new director of workplace well-being for the Mental Health Association of Erie County.  Read more here.

American Workers Are Already Lonely. Here Come the Robots.

According to researchers who study the issue, the economic damage caused when employees suffer feelings of isolation could soon worsen as offices become increasingly automated and more people work remotely.  Read the full article here.

Stopping Exercise Can Worsen Depression Symptoms in Just Three Days

Article serves as a friendly reminder, supported by the latest research, of how essential physical exercise can be for your mental well being.  Read more here.

Getting the Inside Dope on Ketamine’s Mysterious Ability to Rapidly Relieve Depression

Ketamine has been called the biggest thing to happen to psychiatry in 50 years, due to its uniquely rapid and sustained antidepressant effects.  However, although there are multiple theories, researchers do not quite know how ketamine combats depression.  It is therefore hoped that new research has uncovered a mechanism that may, in part, explain ketamine’s antidepressant properties.  Read about it here.

LWD in the News

Lawyers Rank Highest on ‘Loneliness Scale’, Study Finds

The Washington Post reported that Lawyers ‘outranked’ other professionals on a ‘loneliness scale’ in a survey of more than 1,600 workers, in which they are asked 20 loneliness related questions.  Read more here.

ABA Passes Measure on Lawyer Substance Abuse and Mental Health

The American Bar Association’s House of Delegates has adopted a resolution urging bar associations, law schools, lawyer licensing agencies, and legal employers to step up efforts to help attorneys with mental health and substance abuse issues.  Read about it here.

Lawyer Well-Being is a Focus of ABA Proposal

The American Bar Association’s House of Delegates on Monday will Consider a Proposal Urging Law Firms, Law Schools, Bar Associations and others to bolster their mental health and substance abuse problems.  Read about it here.

The Depressed Lawyer: Recognizing and Helping Those in Crisis

Good article touching on symptoms of depression and how it is affecting the legal community.  Also offers a wonderful reminder that even the smallest positive and/or loving gestures can make someones day.  Read it here.

The Best of the Blogosphere

Running From The Pain

Clinical studies show that regular aerobic exercise is effective as antidepressants in reducing mild to moderate depression.  In fact, exercise causes the same structural changes to the brain as antidepressants do and is a treatment option that is not recommended enough and is underutilized in the United States.  Read more here.

What Its Like to Have High-Functioning Depression and Why You Shouldn’t Bottle it Up

An honest look at the day-to-day travails for many who suffer from, and yet are able to hide, depression.  For as is too often the case, though from the outside a life appears ‘high-functioning’, the reality of mild to moderate depression is one of exhaustion and isolation.  Read more here.

The Mind Deconstructed

Great Podcast discussing issues related to mental illness conducted by Dr. Kaz, a medical professional at the University of Minnesota, with her brother George.  The siblings serve as effective translators between the psychiatric and non-medical community as they discuss a broad array of topics.  Listen here.

Attorney Mental Health and Wellness

Great podcast interview with Florida State Law Professor Larry Krieger expounds upon why Attorneys often struggle with depression and the wellbeing factors that may lead to satisfaction in a legal career.  Listen here.