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Living Life at Midlife

  “You know, we’re both in the autumn of our lives,” a friend said recently on his 52nd birthday. I nodded at this bittersweet truth. I turned 54 this month – not old, but not so young anymore. After my morning coffee, I took a detour on my way to work. There’s a beautiful forest with walking trails nearby. It was early and only a few other strollers were on … read more →

God and Depression

“Does God care about me?” “Why do I suffer so, Jesus?” “Please help me, God” “Where are you? Do you even exist?” People suffering from depression ask these questions in the silence of their hearts. They cry out to God just as others have for millennia when faced with great sorrow: “My tears have been my food day and night.” Psalm 42:3. Beyond therapeutic and psychopharmacological bromides, we all seek … read more →

Depression Takes the Fun Out of Life: How to Bounce Back!

You probably take life very seriously if you’re depressed. It’s probably the result of neurochemistry gone awry and a particularly dark and pessimistic take on reality that makes you feel helpless and hopeless. Getting pleasure out of life, playing and fun are often lost in depression’s onslaught. When not depressed, I have a goofy sense of humor that bursts forth without warning: just ask my family! I also love to … read more →

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Depression in the News

How Magnets “Reset” Depressed Brains

The Washington Post reports that magnetic pulses from a device applied to the head appear to “reset” the brains of depressed patients, according to a new study from the United Kingdom. The circuitry in a part of the right prefrontal cortex is known to be too active in depressed patients, causing excessive rumination and self absorption and impaired attention. When the TMS was applied to healthy subjects in this study, the activity in that region slowed.

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Depression Study Seeks to Predict Treatment Response

Treating depressed individuals and figuring out who will and won’t respond to antidepressants is mostly trial and error, but a new study from Vanderbilt University may shed some light on predicting the response of a group of depressed individuals age 60 and older. Read the News

How Can We Prevent Suicide? Major Study Shows Risk Factors Associated with Depression

A major multi-national study of suicides has identified the behavior patterns which precede many suicide attempts. This may lead to changes in clinical practice in the care of patients affected with depression, as it shows the clinical factors which confer major risk of suicide attempts. Read the News

Adhering to a Healthy Diet Could Reduce Risk of Depression

There’s a powerful connection between what we eat and are risk for developing depression.  The Mediterranean Diet seems to be the best. Read the News

LWD in the News

Did You Know That Lawyers Suffer From Depression More Often Than the General Public?

The idea that lawyers shouldn’t have problems increases the sense of isolation for those suffering from this debilitating disorder. People with depression often feel emotionally numb, empty and completely alone, even when surrounded by other people. Many lawyers who struggle with depression suffer in silence so as not to appear weak to colleagues.  The Washington D.C. Bar offers help.  Read the Blog

7 Strategies Lawyers Can Use to Overcome Work Pressure

Great tips for lawyers who want to keep the kettle of stress from boiling over.  Read the Blog

How to Avoid a (Less Than) Spectacular Burnout in Your Law Practice

What is one of the most common desires most people have for their career? Even above making the big bucks, it’s having a rewarding job that they enjoy and finding their work meaningful and significant. And what is certain to block the achievement of this goal? The dreaded burnout.  Read the Blog

Preventing Depression Among Lawyers

Kevin O’Keefe, CEO and founder of LexBlog, writes, “Having personally experienced the lows of depression and the positive energy that comes from blogging and social media, I have to believe the effective use of social media could prevent depression for many lawyers.”  Read his Blog

The Best of the Blogosphere

Self-Starting When You Are Depressed

Depression blogger, John Folk Williams writes, “How can you activate yourself to get anything done when you’re depressed? Several readers have asked about this basic need to keep functioning when your mood, mind and body do not want to cooperate. It’s not only about work.

It’s about pushing through all the resistance of depression to do your life – to be present in relationships, to cook a meal, to talk to a friend, and especially to keep practicing the methods that help you heal from the illness.” Read the Blog

Autumn Anxiety is Real, and Treatable

Depression blogger Therese Borchard writes, “It happens every year. As I watch the first golden leaves fall from the oak tree outside our house and listen to the sound of the cicadas ushering in autumn, my anxiety spikes. I used to think I was relapsing into depression, but having been through this year after year (and documenting it in my mood journal), I now know I’m just going through my annual bout of autumn anxiety: a nervous feeling in my gut that begins the last week of August and continues through the first weeks of September”. Read her Blog


Four Questions for a More Resilient Brain

Psychologist Elisha Goldstein writes, “When it comes to overcoming longstanding emotional struggles we have to not only get space from the self-critical mind, but also encourage the positive beliefs about ourselves that the critical mind has buried.”  He lays out four questions that can lead our minds in a more positive direction.  Read his Blog

Coping with Adversity and Depression

Blogger Liz Smith writes, “Dealing with depression is difficult enough when everything in your life is going swimmingly but what about coping with depression and adversity? How do we cope with adversity and depression at the same time?” Read her Blog