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How Lawyers Can Get Things Done When Depressed

Getting things done at work is a top priority for any lawyer. This is all the more so when a lawyer is suffering from clinical depression because it becomes harder and harder to be productive: stacks of paperwork become bigger stacks of paperwork, deadlines begin to feel like death sentences when not completed and time is running out, and the e-mail box is overflowing like a sink onto a cold, … read more →

The Deadzone of Depression

There is a zone in a depressed person’s life where nothing seems to happen — except the pain of the absence of everything.  Kay Redfield Jamison, M.D., in her book, Night Falls Fast, writes: I wish I could explain it so someone could understand it. I’m afraid it’s something I can’t put into words. There’s just this heavy, overwhelming despair – dreading everything. Dreading life. Empty inside, to the point … read more →

Our Parents, Our Depression

If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in the moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people – Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk Like all parents, my Mom and Dad were flawed people – as I am. Yet, they were something more than … read more →

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Depression in the News

Brain Scans Confirm ‘Fuzzy Thinking’ as a Symptom of Depression

The common symptom of “fuzzy thinking” reported amond people with depression has been confirmed for the first time in a large study of brain scans.  Read the News

Major Depression Leaves a Metaboloic Signature

Researchers have made a surprising discovery that major depression leaves a metabolic mark, giving them new insights into the nature of that disorder.  Read the News

7 Thoughts From a Chronically Unhappy Person

From The New York Times, Diana Spechler writes, “My depression habits include avoiding pain and courting diversion.  During every bout of depression, I grasp – at yoga, therapy, medication, romance – and hope that my tiny firefly of pleasure won’t wriggle from the cup of my palms.”  Read the News

Obesity, Depression Linked to Daytime Sleepiness

Folks with depression are tired throughout the day.  Could this be the result of inflammation in the body.  Read the News

LWD in the News

Shedding the Stigma of Mental Illness

From Student Lawyer magazine, a story about a critical topic: the high rate of law student depression.  Read the News

Anxiety Management for Lawyers

From the Anxious Lawyer website, bloggers Jenna Cho and Karen Gifford write, “Frequently, when we experience anxiety, our first reaction is to ignore, dismiss, or to deny.  This reaction to our anxiety, may be temporary and make the feeling and somatic experiences go away, but long-term leads to unhappiness, depression and additional anxiety”.  Read the Blog

Long Work Hours and Depression

According to Legal Week, 82 percent of partners and senior lawyers at leading U.S. and U.K. law firms think their long hours at work are hurting their health.  Read the News

Is There a Health Dose of Pessimism for Lawyers?

Blogger Jayne Reardon writes, “For better or worse, negativity plays a huge role in the legal profession.  With mental health and substance abuse issues skyrocketing in both the profession and law schools,” this blog examines when a healthy dose of cynacism is healthy and when it becomes a problem.  Read the Blog

The Best of the Blogosphere

Mild Depression Treatable with Simple Lifestyle Changes

According to Andrew Weil, M.D., mild depression may lift with these lifestyle changes.  Read the Blog

A Current Look at Chronic Depression

Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., gives an excellent overview of dysthymia, a form of mild depression.  Read the Blog

Emotional Eating: Food vs. Feelings

Eating to sooth emotions doesn’t help in the long run. Read the Blog

6 Ways to Cope With the Limitations of Depression

From depression blogger, Therese Borchard, six great insights into how you can cope with your clinical depression.  Read the Blog