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Perfectionism and Depression: Nobody’s Perfect

We often mix-up a drive to excel and perfectionism; they’re not the same thing. A drive to be your very best can leads to a sense of self-satisfaction and self-esteem. It feels good to give it all we got. Perfectionism? It’s a horse of a different color. People who feel driven in this direction tend to be more motivated by external forces – such as the desire to please others … read more →

Building Your Depression Toolkit

One study found that as many as eighty-percent of all people in this country that suffer from clinical depression don’t get any treatment. Given that depression is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and that over 20 million people are afflicted with it, that’s a lot of people – about 16 million. However, many of the law students, lawyers and judges with depression that I’ve met tell me … read more →

Judges Struggling With Depression: More Common Than You Think

I’ve written a lot on stress, anxiety and depression in the legal profession, but not about the judiciary. There has been much commentary, research and Law Journal articles about what ails law students and attorneys — but not about judges. I guess that’s not surprising.  In my work, I have spoken with scores of judges from all over the country.  It’s a noble, important calling in life.  But it’s also … read more →

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Depression in the News

Depression Influences Perception of Time

A new survey finds that people suffering from depression appear to experience time differently than healthy individuals.  Read the News

Ryan Philippe Opens Up About Dealing with Depression

Actor Ryan Phillipe comes out and talks about his battle with depression and his fear of passing it on to his daughter.  Read the News

Depression and Anxiety may be First Manifestations of a Medical Disease

Affective disturbances involving alterations of mood, anxiety and irritability may be early symptoms of medical illness. Read the News

Rejection Seems to Hurt Depressed People Longer

Social rejection seems to pain depressed people more than others. Read the News

LWD in the News

From the Career Files: Finding YOur Passion in the Law

Passion is a matter of perspective in, out and above the law.  This blog focuses on lawyers who have found their passion IN the law.  Read the Blog

You Need to Know ‘How to Save a Life’

Most people who commit suicide are suffering from depression and the 3rd leading cause of death for attorneys is suicide.  Read the Story

Why Law Students Need to Check in on their Mental Health

Studies show that as many as forty percent of law students will suffer from depression by the spring semester of the second year of college.  It’s critical for them to have a mental health screening.  Here’s a piece about how to go about it.  Read the Blog

How Can Attorneys Get Help without Harming Their Careers?

Lawyer and director of the lawyer recovery program at Hazelton Betty Ford discusses the resources available to lawyers that struggle with anxiety, depression and addiction.  Listen to the Podcast

The Best of the Blogosphere

Getting to Work When Depressed

Simply getting to work when you’re depressed can feel like an impossible task.  Read the Blog

Countering the Social Stigma of Depression

Many people have trouble understanding depression.  As a result, those with depression often have to battle social stigmas.  Here’s how to overcome these misperceptions.  Read the Blog

7 Delicious Dinners That Help Fight Seasonal Depression

If you’re suffering with the winter blues or have full-blown seasonal affective disorder (SAS), there’s some good news: Not only is spring on the way, but there are actually certain foolds that you can eat to help ease depression and increase your energy levels.  Read the Blog

5 Steps to Increase Motivation

Procrastination trains the brain to dump adrenaline right before the event, and when we get energy to take action things generally get done; however, it comes with a huge physical cost, and low-level living can lead to depression.  Read the Blog