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Depression Takes the Fun Out of Life: How to Bounce Back!

You probably take life very seriously if you’re depressed. It’s probably the result of neurochemistry gone awry and a particularly dark and pessimistic take on reality that makes you feel helpless and hopeless. Getting pleasure out of life, playing and fun are often lost in depression’s onslaught. When not depressed, I have a goofy sense of humor that bursts forth without warning: just ask my family! I also love to … read more →

The Magicians: How Lawyers With Depression Disappear

One of my favorite things to watch as a child with my dad was The Ed Sullivan Show; an extravaganza of bands, comedians and ventriloquists all hamming it up in front of a live audience and folks across America glued to their first generation color T.V. sets. I once saw a famous magician perform, right after Liberace.  He stepped into a giant box onstage that he had set fire to … read more →

How Lawyers Can Get Things Done When Depressed

Getting things done at work is a top priority for any lawyer. This is all the more so when a lawyer is suffering from clinical depression because it becomes harder and harder to be productive: stacks of paperwork become bigger stacks of paperwork, deadlines begin to feel like death sentences when not completed and time is running out, and the e-mail box is overflowing like a sink onto a cold, … read more →

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Depression in the News

No Longer Wanting to Die

From The New York Times, a powerful piece by Will Lippincott who writes, “When depressed, the self-esteem I presented to the world belied just how out of control I felt inside.”  Read the News

Recalling Positive Memories Reverses Stress-induced Depression

New research has established that artificial activation of memories stored during a positive experience can suppress the effects of stress-induced depression.  Read the News

Exercise with a Physiotherapist Helps People with Depression

A new study shows that working out with a trainer that tailors exercise to your needs and expectations really helps improve depressive symptoms compared to not exercising.  Read the News

The Strange Link Between Junk Food and Depression

Time Magazine reports that researchers found that diets higher on the glycemic index, including those rich in refined grains and added sugars, were associated with greater rates of depression.  Read the News

LWD in the News

Build a Stress Safety Net Into Your Practice

Your work as a lawyer is not your life, so don’t override what matters most – your health, your time with friends and family, your sanity.  Here’s some great tips to keep things level.  Read the Blog

How to Be a Happy Lawyer

Is it possible to be a happy and successful lawyer?  Yup. Read the Blog

Disclosing Mental Ill Health Should Not Cost Your Career

Judge Shane Marshall encourages young lawyers to share their experiences with mental illness.  Read the Story

Building Resilience in the Law Makes Good Sense

Paula M. Davis-Laack writes in the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine, “When lawyers are disengaged and lack the resilience to withstand challenge and pressure, productivity goes down, turnover goes up, billiable hours and profits shrink, and the bottom line is affected.”  Read the News

The Best of the Blogosphere

Six Ways to Cope with the Limitations of Depression

Blogger Therese Borchard writes, “Living with chronic depression demands an acceptance of one’s condition and a willingness to learn to live around lasting symtoms”.  Find out her six tips about how to do just that. Read the Blog

How to Socialize When You Don’t FEEL Like Socializing

Blogger Carol Richard writes, “Have you ever had those times when the last thing you wanted to do is interact with another person [when depressed]?  Since isolation can become fuel to the depression – I take steps to not let it take hold of my life.” Read the Blog

Previously Depressed People Can Help Us Fight Depression

A new study shows that peer support interventions by a previously depressed person to provide support and guidance to a currently depressed person really helps.  Read the Blog

3 Ways Pessimism About Future Possibilities Fuels Depression

Are you someone who has a doomsday attitude about your future?  A new study reports that have a pessimistic explanatory style about possible futures isn’t simply the result of depression.  Pessimism about possible futures may be a leading cause of depression.  Read the Blog