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Dan’s Tips for Weaving Together A Recovery Plan to Heal Your Depression

What will make the pain of depression stop? Sometimes the ache is dull, other times sharp. It can last a few hours, days, or weeks. This is ground zero for depression sufferers. What can I do to feel better? The answer is often elusive.  Many don’t know where to get help, let alone walk the path of healing. Recovery starts and sputters for others: they feel better on a med, … read more →

Too Much Stress Can Lead to Depression

  I listened to a National Public Radio segment about the connection between playing NFL football and brain trauma. One retired running back said that each time he was hit when carrying the ball it was “like being in a high-impact car accident”. What a tremendous cost to pay, I thought. For many of us, daily life is so demanding and stressful that it’s like being in a series of … read more →

Up, Up and Away: Lifting Depression By Tweaking Your Antidepressants

In my last post, I wrote about a recent downward turn in my mood. While not severe, it still sucked: low energy and motivation,  sadder more often than I’d like, and lack of joy in things that formerly made me happy. If felt like I had one foot in gooey, hot asphalt. I keep trying to yank it out to no avail. Finally, I called my trusty psychiatrist. His name’s … read more →

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Depression in the News

Exploring Safe and Effective Treatments for Bipolar Depression: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Transcranial direct current stimulation is safe, effective, and tolerable as an add-on treatment for patients already receiving pharmacologic therapy for bipolar depression (BD), according to researchers in Brazil. Study results were published in JAMA Psychiatry.  Read more here.

Study Identifies New Target for Treatment of Depression

New Study seeks to identify the specific strain (out of 14) that serves as a modulator of serotonin receptors.  As Julia Castello, a graduate student at CUNY says, “Identifying new targets broadens our understanding about the cause of depression as well as the mechanism of action of antidepressants.”  Read more here.

Oversimplifying Beliefs About Causes of Mental Illness May Hinder Social Acceptance

Belief that mental illness is biological has increased among both health experts and the public in recent years. But campaigns to treat it as a disease and remove stigma may be lacking because other factors, such as bad character and upbringing, still are viewed as playing a role, a Baylor University study has found.  Read more here.

Magic Mushrooms Could Treat Depression Without the Emotional Numbing Caused by Traditional Antidepressants

New Research has found that ‘magic mushrooms’ could hold the key to alleviating symptoms of depression, particularly in those who have not seen benefits in more traditional treatments.  Read more here.

LWD in the News

Hidden Testimony: Substance Abuse Among Attorneys

Reporting on the correlation between stress, anxiety and depression and lawyer attempts to self medicate that is so prevalent in the legal profession.  Read it here.

Why All Courtroom Workers Need Mental Health Support Now: Defence Lawyer

Michael Spratt, a defense lawyer from Ottawa, details many of the stressors inherent in a jury trial and lists his reasons for why all participants in a jury trial should be granted mental health support.  Read it here.

Mental Health And Lawyers: Some Resources That Can Help

Good overview of the challenges presented by depression and substance abuse as they pertain to the legal community as well as the population at large.  Read it here.

High Pressure Law Jobs Linked to Depression

In a presentation at the Action Group on Access To Justice’s Access to Justice Week, University of Toronto sociology professor Ronit Dinovitzer and PhD candidate Jonathan Koltai discussed their recent work and the imperative for the legal community to meet challenges it faces in mental health. Read about their findings here.

The Best of the Blogosphere

Blue Monday Isn’t the Only Day Depression Can Strike. Here’s How I Cope.

Though Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a very real and debilitating form of mental illness, its important to remember that depression is not simply consigned to specific times of the year.  By implication this means that, though depression can strike at the heart of summer, we also do not need to ‘resign’ ourselves to feeling bad during the winter months.  This blog gives some helpful coping strategies, no matter the date nor the weather.  Read them here.

Books Podcast: What Really Causes Depression?

Podcast about an interesting (and controversial) new book written by Johann Hari.  Entitled Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression- and the Unexpected Solutions, Mr. Hari’s book offers a different, and sometimes critical, perspective when in reaction to more main stream opinions concerning mental illness.  Read more here.

The Top 10 Mental Health Apps

Apps focus on protecting or improving mental health using methods including meditation, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and providing a valuable support network.  Medical News Today have put together a list of the top 10 apps that can help to enhance your well-being and look after your mental health.  Read about them here.

If I Lose My Chronic Depression, How Much of Myself Will Go With It?

Interesting and very relatable essay on the struggle to combat depression and the anxiety’s associated with trying to change something that is such an indelible aspect of who you are.  Read it here.