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The 25 Paradoxes of Depression

1. You loathe the isolation of depression, but you avoid other people. 2. You want help, but you don’t always listen 3. The harder you fight it, the harder it gets 4. As soon as you think you’re well again, bang, it hits your harder than ever. 5. While other’s may see you as happy, successful from the outside, you see yourself as miserable, a loser and helpless 6. You … read more →

Gunslingers: How Lawyers Can Better Handle Stress

We avatars of the legal system, we hired guns who ride into town and shoot up saloons, measure our success by the notches on our dusty belts: Did I win or lose? Or, perhaps more accurately, is it: Am I a winner or a loser? There is a thrill about winning and being successful, however we define it — but also a lot of stress. Results, bottom-line bastards that they … read more →

Batten Down the Hatches: Surviving a Depression Hurricane

I’ve always been fascinated by all sorts of weather calamities. But none holds my attention more than a hurricane. Though I’ve never been in one, I marvel at their power and size; spinning vortexes of  blistering wind manipulated into different colors on The Weather Channel’s satellite video. Many who are struck by major depression feel like they’re in a hurricane. They may have sailed in calm waters for much of … read more →

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Depression in the News

Study Finds Rise in Bodily Symptoms of Depression

New research shows Americans now report more psychosomatic symptoms of depression, such as trouble sleeping and trouble concentrating, than their counterparts in the 1080s.  Read the News

Healthy Foods Tied to Better Mental Health

New findings suggest mental health is correlated to the consumption of fruits and vegetables with a magic number of five portions a day associated with high mental well-being.  Read the News

Exercise Protects Against Depression – But How?

A new study investigates the mechanisms behind the protection from stress-induced depression offered by physical exercise.  Read the Story

Blood Test for Depression Developed

Scientists from Northwestern University in Chicago say they have identified nine chemicals in the blood which are raised during depression.  They have divised a blood test which measures three of these chemicals to diagnose depression.  Read the News

LWD in the News

A Necessary Conversation for JDs

Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia and Florida State University propose the controlling, institutional culture found in law schools has a corrosive effect on the well-being, values and motivations of students.  Read the News

Warning Signs: The Dangers of Attorney Stress

How can stressed-out attorneys regroup, reprogram and rejuvenate thier personal and professional careers?  Read this Blog

Lawyer’s Lament: But I Don’t Have a Calling

A powerful blog from Jennifer Alvey about how lawyers fail to leave the profession because they can’t define exactly what it is they would like to do.  Read the Blog

Lawyers Who Switch Careers Find Happiness in Baking, Tech and Other Fields

The Washington Post reports that many lawyers are chucking the legal biz and finding joy in other types of work.  Read the News

The Best of the Blogosphere

Why So Many People Are Stressed and Depressed

Everywhere you look, Americans are strung out and down.  What explains it?  Read the Blog

How to Find a Good Therapist

Psychologist, Deb Serani, gives her tips about how to find a good therapist.  Read the Blog

The Ongoing Dance of Depression and Recovery

Jennifer Tazzi writes, “The most recent depression held an element of ‘here we go again.’ When I am depression-free, and despite my best intentions, I’m lulled into a false sense of security about the likelihood of another depression occurring.”  Read the Blog

Why Compassion is the Perfect Antidote for Depression

Depression sufferer/blogger Therese Borchard writes, “I’m finding the more compassion I extend to others, the kinder I become with myself.”  Read the Blog