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18 Tips on How to Start a Depression Support Group

I started a depression support group seven years ago. It’s one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done. We started out with ten people.  It met once a month. Over time, it evolved into every-other week.  We now gather once a week.  I’ve been asked many times about how to start a depression support group.  Here are a few pointers to help you get going. They’re in no particular … read more →

Why It’s Important to Join a Depression Support Group

“What can I do to help my depression?” Well, there are many things you go do, really:  therapy, medication, etcetera, etcetera. But one idea you might not have given much thought to: join a depression support group.  There are many benefits.   I have belonged to one for the past seven years. Here are some of my thoughts about why it’s good for you and how to find one. Why It’s … read more →

10 Ways To Recharge Your Law Practice

1.         Clean out the junk. It’s easy to let our offices become cluttered: our desk is a mess with on-going or half-digested projects, scattered pens, and things on our to-do list that have been perched on the corner of the desk so long green mold has overtaken them.  Clean it up.  Check out my previous blog, My Desk, My Enemy and The Organized Lawyer for tips on how to improve … read more →

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Depression in the News

Three-minutes Of Theta-burst Therapy Can Help Conquer Depression

Check out this story about a new treatment for clincial depression.  Read the News

Ketamine Praised For Speedily Alleviating Depression

It seems like the positive news about Ketamine efficacy in treating depression is everywhere and supported by recent studies.  Read the News

Why The Super-Successful Get Depressed

Whether the Auber-successful – the CEOs, the founders, the innovators – are more or less prone to depression than the average person is a tricky and fascinating, not to mention controversial, question.  Read the News

Why Is Depression So Underreported In Men

Statistics show that women are diagnosed with depression more often in men.  However, could it be that men just underreport?  Read the News

LWD in the News

Are Lawyers More Prone to Stress/Depression?

“A ‘work/life’ balance isn’t possible anymore. It’s really become a concept of ‘work/life blend’ because with technology people now carry their work around with them on their iphone/ipads so its difficult to shut off.” Read the Blog

The Most Important New Year’s Resolution You Can Make Right Now

Lawyer Casey Berman writes about small changes you can begin to make in preparation to leave the law in 2015.  Read the Blog

New Years Exercise: Question Your Narratives

Lawyer and author of the book The Creative Lawyer, writes “We make sense of the world through stories.  They tell us what to filter in and what to filter out.  Do your narratives serve you? And are they correct?  Read the Blog

MCBA President’s Message: View from the 10th tee

Rochester Bar Association President Steve Modica reports on the creation of a new Health & Wellbeing Task Force in his community to study and make recommendations about how to help lawyers take care of the mental health.  Read the Blog

The Best of the Blogosphere

Research Says Self-Help Surfing and Reading Aid in Reducing Depression

Psychologist, Deborah Serani, Ph.D. writes on recent research that shows that surging the net can help depression.  Read the Blog

Don’t Fight The Funk: How To Deal With Depression

Feeling the funk of being unbalanced, unmotivated, and hopeless?  Need more clarity when you’re in the dumps?  Read the Blog

Depression at Work: Is it You or the Job?

It’s helpful to separate out where your depression is coming from?  5.6 percent of full-time Amercian workers said they were depressed.  Is the cause their job, something else or a combination of both?  Read the Blog

Why Is Depression So Distressing?

Blogger Bill Knaus, Ed.D. writes, “When you feel depressed, and don’t know why, you may try to find a cause, such as ‘life sucks,’ which is an overly generalized form of thought.  Negative, overgeneralized thinking, classically occurs with depression.  Read the Blog