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Too Much Stress Can Lead to Depression

  I listened to a National Public Radio segment about the connection between playing NFL football and brain trauma. One retired running back said that each time he was hit when carrying the ball it was “like being in a high-impact car accident”. What a tremendous cost to pay, I thought. For many of us, daily life is so demanding and stressful that it’s like being in a series of … read more →

Up, Up and Away: Lifting Depression By Tweaking Your Antidepressants

In my last post, I wrote about a recent downward turn in my mood. While not severe, it still sucked: low energy and motivation,  sadder more often than I’d like, and lack of joy in things that formerly made me happy. If felt like I had one foot in gooey, hot asphalt. I keep trying to yank it out to no avail. Finally, I called my trusty psychiatrist. His name’s … read more →

The Return: Slipping Back Into Depression

I’ve slipped a bit, lately. After months of relative peace, a return. First, it was the sadness.  I feel it when I wake up, eat my lunch, drive home from work, and hit the hay at night.  While its intensity varies, it’s always there coloring my days. My good sense of humor caught the last bus. A bone-wearying fatigue settles in as I withdraw from activities involving people. I go … read more →

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Depression in the News

Biotech Sage Therapeutics Skyrockets More Than 70 Percent After Depression Drug Breakthrough

Sage Therapeutics said in a release that 64 percent of patients achieved Major Depression Disorder remission using the SAGE-217 drug in the 15th day of treatment.  Read the article here.

Light Therapy May Improve Symptoms of Bipolar Depression

This article in Healthline details a study, and expert reactions to its findings, in which preliminary results demonstrate that Light Therapy shows promise for treating bi-polar depression.  Read it here.

12 Types Of Depression, And What You Need To Know About Each

A helpful summary of the signs, symptoms and some possible treatments for the most prevalent forms of depression.  Read it here.

How To Deal With Stigmatizing Remarks About Mental Illness

In the wake of the massacre in Texas, this pertinent article looks into how President Trump’s characterization of the shooting as resulting from a “mental health problem” is part of a broader tendency to demonize mental illness in the wake of tragedies.  The article lays out why such an approach is both misleading and unhelpful, while also providing some helpful advice for combatting stigmatization.  Read it here.

LWD in the News

Why All Courtroom Workers Need Mental Health Support Now: Defence Lawyer

Michael Spratt, a defense lawyer from Ottawa, details many of the stressors inherent in a jury trial and lists his reasons for why all participants in a jury trial should be granted mental health support.  Read it here.

Mental Health And Lawyers: Some Resources That Can Help

Good overview of the challenges presented by depression and substance abuse as they pertain to the legal community as well as the population at large.  Read it here.

High Pressure Law Jobs Linked to Depression

In a presentation at the Action Group on Access To Justice’s Access to Justice Week, University of Toronto sociology professor Ronit Dinovitzer and PhD candidate Jonathan Koltai discussed their recent work and the imperative for the legal community to meet challenges it faces in mental health. Read about their findings here.

Building A Case For Mental Health: Law Students Allege Student Health Center Mishandled Depression Screening Data

The intense, cut-throat competition of law school can be mentally exhausting and induce severe spouts of stress and anxiety.  However, this should in no way inhibit law students from being able to seek. the type of mental health support they need during what is an academically rigorous and pressure filled time in their lives.  This article discusses some of the challenges associated with mental well being confronted by students and counseling centers on campuses across the country.  Read the article here.

The Best of the Blogosphere

When It Comes To Treating Depression, ‘Step Therapy’ is a Costly Misstep

Dr. Gregory Mattingly, a practicing psychiatrist for over 25 years, offers some insight on the halting and all too commonly ineffective methods used to treat mental illness.  As Dr. Mattingly explains, while the initial cost savings insurance companies derive from ‘step therapy’ are desirable, the failure to adequately treat a patient is more expensive over the long run and, most importantly, often fails to alleviate suffering in any measurable way.  Read the blog here.

Daylight Savings Time Is A Depression-Inducing Devil, So Here is What I Do To Keep It From Keeping Me Down

Aliya King’s blog offers some useful tips for coping with depressive symptoms that tend to crop up around this time of year. Read it here.

Legal Podcasts You Have to Tune In To Right Now

A list of ten legal podcasts touching on different aspects of the law-from ethics to mental health- through personal (and often inspiring) stories and contemporary developments across the legal community.  Intelligent, informative, and uplifting these podcasts are worth checking out when you have the time.  Find them here.

Mental Health Days: A Necessity or a Burden

Fourteen members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss several ways mental health days benefit employees and companies or possibly hinder their activity, as some critics suggest the practice can increase the stigma surrounding mental illness, leading to a deeper sense of alienation and ultimately, poor performance.  Read their opinions here.