What (Unhappy) Lawyer Isn’t Anxiety-Ridden?

Lots of lawyers are full of anxiety.  There are reasons why this is so.  But if the anxiety doesn’t stop when the reason is over, a lawyer may well have a problem with general anxiety disorder, writes blogger Jennifer Alvey.  Read the Blog

What It Takes for Miserable Lawyers to Blossom

Jennifer Alvey blogs that the hardest part of a life change for lawyers, whether it’s their career or other important areas of their life, usually is the waiting.  Unfortunately, it’s also very necessary for any big change to occur.  Read the Blog

The Gift of Adversity

Therese Borchard’s excellent interview with Dr. Norman Rosenthal about his new book which explores how life’s disappointments provide us with the lessons we need to become better, happier and more resilient human beings.  Read the Blog

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