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From Breast Stroke to Back Float: Lawyers and Depression

by Father Richard Rohr

Editor’s Note:  Fr. Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest in New Mexico Province and author of several books including Hope Against Darkness and From Wild Men to Wise Men:  Reflections on Male Spirituality.  He is the founder of the Center for Action and Spirituality in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In his article, Father Rohr speaks to us directly about a spiritual approach for lawyers struggling with depression.    One description of depression is that it … read more →

Why Are Lawyers So Depressed?

by Andy

Susan Daicoff is an Associate Professor of Law at Florida Coastal School of Law. She is a lawyer and professional psychotherapist. For the past decade, she has been researching and writing on the psychology of lawyers, lawyer personality, lawyer distress and dissatisfaction. She is the author of the book, Lawyer Know Thyself.

Why are so many lawyers depressed? Larry Krieger and Ken Sheldon’s research indicates that the loss of one’s intrinsic values is responsible for the dramatic increase in depression and lowered sense of well being among law students seen in the first year of law school. I often think of this at the “ski slope” graphic representation of the excellent Andy Benjamin, et al. studies done in the 1980’s and 1990’s on depression in law students. read more →

How Lawyers Can Transform Depression From a Break-Down to a Break-Through

by Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D.

Editor’s Note:  Dr. Lara Honos-Webb is a clinical psychologist and author of the books Listening to Depression: How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life and The Gift of ADHD. She practices in Walnut Creek, California. You can visit her website at Why are lawyers so depressed these days? The rates of depression and substance abuse problems are skyrocketing according to recent media reports and research. This article will show you … read more →

Why Are Lawyers So Unhappy?

by Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph. D.

“As to being happy, I fear that happiness isn’t in my line. Perhaps the happy days that Roosevelt promises will come to me along with others, but I fear that all trouble is in the disposition that was given to me at birth, and so far as I know, there is no necromancy in an act of Congress that can work a resolution there.” – Benjamin N. Cardozo, February 15, 1933 … read more →

Undoing Depression In Lawyers

by Richard O'Connor Ph. D.

Editor’s Note:  I have asked several leading psychologists to write a short article about their experiences with treating lawyers who suffer from depression.  One psychologist, Richard O’Connor, Ph.D., is the author of two noteworthy books, Undoing Perpetual Stress: The Missing Connection Between Depression, Anxiety, and 21st Century Illness andUndoing Depression: What Therapy Doesn’t Teach You and Medication Can’t Give You. He is a practicing psychotherapist with offices in New York City and Canaan, Connecticut.  He has … read more →

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